Brabender Technologie moves into its new home

During the summer Brabender Technologie relocated to an adjacent plot of land. “Every department from Administration to Production had outgrown the old site”, General Manager Bruno Dautzenberg explains. The company has now moved into a custom design building that provides space for further development, and growth and better supports everyday operations. –

Everything under one roof

This is particularly evident in the new manufacturing facility. “Production pathways and processes that had evolved over time resulted in genuine business disadvantage – we wasted valuable time”, General Manager Horst Vohwinkel observes. “The new facility uses improved process flowso optimise our production.”

Prior to the move, a consultant examined all processes and paths, spoke with employees and observed production operations. The questions posed by the consultant to the employees resulted in joint solutions for new production operations. These findings had a major impact on the layout of the facility and on process planning. Roughly 70 percent of capacity utilization is accounted for by standard equipment. These items never leave the front third of the facility, since incoming goods, standard equipment manufacturing, testing and packaging are located between the entrance and exit gates. Assembly takes place entirely on a lifting table, meaning equipment does not need to leave the table throughout the process from inventory issue to shipping. Here the term “workstation” has taken on a modified meaning – no assembly operator has a fixed position, but each equipment has its own mobile table. 

Further optimization potential

“We want to keep our manufacturing operations streamlined. New planning procedures mean we are considerably more efficient – both in terms of the deployment of human and material resources as well as performance”, Ingo Schüssler, Head of Operations Scheduling, relates. “After just two weeks in the new facility we realized that we could cut our lead times substantially.” However this potential has not yet been fully achieved, since Production still needs to be fully integrated into the ERP environment. “This will have a further impact on our processes, both in production planning as well as manufacturing.” For example, the assembly operators will be able to call up their inventory lists for jobs automatically.

The new building has resulted in far-reaching changes not just in Production. “In order to provide a consistent and continuous service to our customers, we had to relocate in stages. Service and availability needed to be guaranteed even during the relocation phase”, Horst Vohwinkel relates. The Technical Center was expanded substantially and the new mezzanine greatly enhances the opportunities that the Center provides. “We have created something entirely new here, which we previously could not provide to our customers”, Bruno Dautzenberg emphasizes. Feeding tests from filling to collection can be conducted here, and indeed at four feeding stations in simultaneously, which gives users a sense of process reliability. In addition, there is another space that features the hygienic conditions required for food and pharmaceutical applications.


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