Food: The right feeding method matters!

  • High accuracy: optimal feeding systems for every raw material used in the food industry
  • Food-grade: Hygienic Design for unquestionable safe food production
  • Low cost of ownership: minimized downtime thanks to easier, faster cleaning

Duisburg, March 2021. – A deep understanding and compliance with the stringent hygienic standards that govern the food manufacturing process is a prerequisite for doing business in this vital industry. Brabender Technologie based in Duisburg, Germany,is a leading and global expert in feeding technology and a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). They provide safe and fit-for-purpose feeding systems for almost any dry, moist or liquid ingredients used in the food industry.

Hygienic Design: A new blue world

Brabender Technologie features food-grade components when designing its special feeders for food processing applications. They use blue-colored polyurethane components to fully comply with strict hygienic requirements. Klaus Plien, Head of Food Sales at Brabender Technologie, explains: “Horizontal surfaces and exposed screw threads have been removed from our designs. Users now benefit from rounded, smoothed edges, porosity-free weld seams and quick-release fasteners for screws and screw tubes. Terminal boxes also meet hygienic design standards and drive mechanisms come in with fanless smooth motors. We have also ensured that we use FDA- and 1935/2004-compliant materials.” Brabender Technologie’s Hygienic Design not only enhances the food safety and cleanability aspects of the feeding process, it also minimizes process downtime.

Every raw material has its own feeding method

These systems, specifically designed for food industry applications, ensure highly accurate feeding, tight and consistent control of recipes and lay the groundwork for improved quality control. That is important, because every raw material reacts differently.

Klaus Plien knows what the differences are: “Natural ingredients are often very heterogeneous in terms of size and shape. Every individual ingredient has its own properties, while a mixture of several ingredients can have quite different characteristics. That makes the raw materials used in food processing particularly delicate and frequently fragile as well. Our Hygienic Design feeding systems can be adapted to match the properties of each product perfectly.”

Broadly based food equipment portfolio

Brabender Technologie’s comprehensive portfolio of Hygienic Design process equipment, including the FlexWall® Plus all-purpose feeder, single or twin-screw feeders, vibratory feeders, weigh belt feeders, liquid feeders and discharge aids is making a major contribution to meticulous ingredient handling and safe food production. For example, in the production of granola mixes: dried fruits are often sticky and nuts often brittle. Brabender Technologie’s “fruit feeder”, a custom feeder featuring specific screw and tube combinations, ensures that nuts are not broken up and that raisins do not get stuck in the screw tube.

Faith in the experts

“We are the go-to-people for all issues related to feeding challenges and process engineering issues for the food industry. Continuous or batch? For many years we have been finding appropriate solutions to a broad range of feeding challenges in collaboration with our food industry customers,” says Klaus Plien in summary.


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