Bulk ingredient handling: discharging

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Discharge aids


The brand D-CHARGE represents the Brabender Technologie product line of bulk ingredient discharge equipment. Whether bagged ingredients or ingredients from bulk bags, silos or other bins, every bulk ingredient can be discharged trouble-free with our discharge aids. Our BagDumper and BagMaster are available with an integrated metering feeder. Bagged ingredients can be emptied directly into the feeder with a bag dump hopper in place of a standard extension hopper. The vibratory bin activators BAV and SiloTray are provided for bulk ingredient discharge from silos and other bins.



The flow characteristics of bulk ingredients vary massively due to their diverse compositions. This does not only have to be taken into consideration when selecting a feeder but also when it comes to storage and discharge. If, for instance, compaction of an ingredient in a silo results in discharging problems, this may impede the entire production process. In this case, a discharge aid will support the bulk ingredient in flowing out consistently and continuously. Brabender Technologie offers different solutions to help you discharge your bulk ingredients. This also applies to difficult ingredients such as extremely poor flowing of floodable ingredients. With our discharge aids we can provide you with a complete range of equipment for bulk ingredient feeding, weighing ans discharging - all from a single source.

discharge aids for bulk ingredients