A SOLUTION 
         FOR EVERY BULK 


FlexWall®Plus Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Brabender FlexWall®Plus
Loss-in-Weight Feeder


  • Universal loss-in-weight feeder
    for virtually all flowable ingredi-
    ents (powders, pellets, flakes,
    fibers, etc.)
  • Flexible polyurethane hopper
    agitated by amplitude adjustable
    paddles for consistent screw fill-
    ing and mass flow of ingredient
    without degradation
  • Compact trapezoidal shape allow-
    ing up to 6 feeders to be compact-
    ly arranged around a central feed
  • Interchangeable screws and screw
    tubes allowing quick adjustment to
    changing ingredients and feed rates
  • Easy dismantling for cleaning
  • Optional hinged motor for easy
    screw removal
    from the rear
  • Optional separate paddle motor
    to allow paddle speed adjustment
    for difficult flowing ingredients
  • High-tech weighing system with
    digital load cell DigiMASS-2 or
    high resolution strain gauge load
    cell for high weighing accuracy
FlexWall®Plus loss-in-weight feeder