A SOLUTION 
         FOR EVERY BULK 



DualTray Feeder

  • Volumetric mass flow feeder for
    free flowing ingredients, in par-
    ticular for damageable ingredients
    with grains of different sizes and
    for lumpy or fibrous media

  • Cylindrical vibratory feed modules
    in variable combination

  • Internal feed trays (vibrating tray
    principle) with opposite directions
    of conveyance

  • Cascading vertical mass flow of in-
    gredient naturally following gravity

  • No stirring agitator or other
    rotating parts
    for ingredient
    flow without degradation
  • Quick clamps allowing feed
    modules to be easily removed
    for cleaning or exchange in case
    of ingredient changeover




Volumetric DualTray feeder



 Volumetric feederMax. feed rate dm³/h (ft³/h)*
 DualTrayon request