When problems occur,
   we are there to help
  quickly and easily


Your wish – our service

We want our customers to be always satisfied with their purchase of Brabender machines and systems. Hence, we take care of the equipment long after it has been delivered to our customers – also at their locations. Whether start-ups, maintenance or repairs – we are there for you.

In case of malfunction or failure we help you as quickly as possible to minimize downtime in your production process. Here we offer you the following options: repair on site, delivery of spare parts or an exchange of particular components. Quite often our remote maintenance system already allows trouble-shooting from our company location. Last but not least: We can help you with the modernization and modification of Brabender equipment and thereby support you in their long-term and efficient use in your company.

On-site service

For start-ups, maintenance, repairs and conversions our qualified service engineers are at your disposal. After you have mounted and wired the equipment, we perform the start-up and instruct your operating personnel how to handle the equipment and operate the micro-computer controllers.

If repair or maintenance is required, our service engineers come round and do everything necessary as quickly as possible to minimize downtime in your production process. When needed, modifying your feeders to other ingredients and production processes is also one of our services. Also, we offer maintenance agreements for your equipment to maintain optimum productivity.

Spare parts and maintenance


For optimum and most efficient use of your machines we recommend genuine Brabender spare parts. We will be pleased to submit a spare and wear parts quotation specifically suited to your particular requirements. All recommended maintenance intervals can be taken from our technical documentation. However, you will of course also be welcome to contact us directly. We will be pleased to help you. With our maintenance agreements at flat rates you can make sure that your machines always run smoothly. There will be no financial risk, because the costs are reasonable and calculable.





If a component of your feeder should unexpectedly become defective, our repair service will be there to mend it. Just contact us and then send us the defective part, we will repair it and – as a general rule – you will get your repaired component back within two to three weeks.

On request particularly urgent repairs can be performed within two to three work days without additional cost.

Bartering service

To keep downtimes in case of failures as short as possible we offer our customers a bartering service for various load cells, Congrav® microcomputer controllers and speed controllers. Should a component be defective, just call us or send us an e-mail. Then you will immediately receive an exchange part from us at a fixed price and subject to full warranty. You just have to return the defective part to us afterwards. Please let us know beforehand, who will ship the part and when it will arrive at our location.

Controls: modernization / retrofit

Electronic equipment and components are generally subject to particularly rapid technological development, which also applies to our control systems. Even though they are designed for high dependability and long-term use, a modernization may be useful from time to time. Also a change in your production process can make a retrofit necessary.



Multiple Feeder Control

To provide you with the latest multiple feeder control system we offer the following:



Single Feeder Control
To provide you with the latest single feeder control system we offer the following:

For a detailed quotation please contact Mr. Norbert Marek:

Tel.  +49 (0) 203 9984-172
Fax  +49 (0) 203 9984-166

Screw service

The spiral or blade screw of your metering feeder is defective, and your supplier's delivery time is too long or the price too high? No problem! Then just take advantage of our long experience in the field of screw production and use our screw service. Simply send us your defective screw. Within short time we manufacture almost every screw as a facsimile of the original.

Having received your defective screw or a sketch or drawing of the same we will let you know the exact delivery time and price.

For a detailed quotation please contact Mr. Norbert Marek:

Tel.  +49 (0) 203 9984-172
Fax  +49 (0) 203 9984-166

Remote maintenance

For diagnostics and repair of malfunction occurring with your gravimetric feeders one of our service technicians does not necessarily need to be there in person. In certain cases we can access your micro computer control systems very conveniently for you and for us via remote maintenance to check your system and solve the problem – thanks to the program “TeamViewer”.

For this, your control components need to be connected to the internet via the Ethernet interface. “TeamViewer” is already installed and running in the background. Upon request we will log in to your control system. You only have to give us your permission with a simple click on the confirm button that will appear on the screen. Everything else will be taken care of by our competent personnel. This way problems can be solved fast and easily.

In case you need “TeamViewer” for other components of your system, you can download the free program here.